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We enable startups to build the next big thing

Grupa connects Early-Stage VC backed startups with tech experts in top Silicon Valley Tech companies to work for cash and equity.

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Available Expert Roles:

Software Engineers | Data Scientists | Product Designers | Product Managers

Work with Tech Experts from companies like:

Why Grupa?

Speed up innovation by

hiring the best technical experts and build without stress.

Guaranteed Quality
Get access to Staff-level technical experts with years of experience in the field working for big tech/FAANG.
Perfect Matching
Get the perfect experts, and the right experience on demand. Take your development to the next level.
Clear documentation
Define goals and set clear objectives under service level agreement and confidential contracts.
Track Progress
Monitor work progress on the Grupa platform with our workflow and expectation management tools.
Reduce your overhead costs with the opportunity to pay in a mix of cash & equity.
Work with staff-level product development experts from top silicon valley companies.
Enhance and turbocharge your product innovation and engineering with elite technical talent
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Grupa Quotes
“I've tried to get contract help a number of times for a series of projects, but never came across such high-quality service and product engineering experts until I found Grupa. For us at Alta, quality is vital and we won't engage with anyone else now that we've found Grupa!”
Ricky Moezinia
Alta Labs (Leo Capital)


Seed-round & Series A founders backed by top VCs...

...to work with the best tech talents on the planet and

solve your engineering needs

Boost your team
Compliment your already existing team with top talents that fit in seamlessly and bring the much needed experience to 10x your product.
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Build your team
Get a ready-made team of superstar tech talents to help accelerate your product development and build the next big thing.
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Tell us what your product needs are and what skills you need to take your product to the next level.


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Get matched very quickly (~72 hours) to Staff-level tech experts that best fit your needs.


Start building

Focus on building and making impact, while Grupa handles every other necessary logistics.

Give your startup

the best chance to succeed

, and compete against the big guns

Work with staff-level tech experts in big tech companies willing to invest their skills, and 20-30 hours per week, to help you build the next big thing for cash and equity.
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Grupa Stories
How Grupa helped connect this Startup to a Staff-level Engineer at Meta
“...We wanted quality experts, we tried different companies but their pricing didn't match the value until we found Grupa and our engineering needs were fixed.”
– Tope Alabi (Afriex Founder)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Grupa Different?

You don’t have to outsource! You get embedded teams who integrate with your company, culture, communication, collaboration tools, and work systems.

With our integrated system, tools, resources, and infrastructure, you also get to work with a Silicon Valley expert team from FAANG companies who dedicate 15-30 hours a week and weekends to help you build a high quality product easier and faster.

How do you screen and qualify experts on Grupa?

To be a verified expert on Grupa, you must be a top talent from FAANG with a great past experience, communication skill, work attitude, and top-level professionalism.

Grupa expert teams go through a vetting process that includes; portfolio review, review from previous clients, video interviews & background checks before they are activated.

Where are your expert teams located?

The expert teams on Grupa are currently located in San Fransisco Bay Area, California.

How does Grupa handle the legal standpoint with respect to talents and IP protection?

We ensure several legal agreements; Conflict of Interest, Non-Competes, a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) and Service-Level Agreement (SLAs) are signed between you and the expert team. Whatever happens in Grupa, stays in Grupa.

However, For Non-Compete Clauses, we focus on California, where the non-competes are not enforceable. We also try to match expert teams with projects that do not directly compete with their current work. 

Are there any upfront costs?

YES. A $500 expert team reservation fee issued to startups who want to be on the priority list.

A priority list is for startups who are ready to build their products ASAP! And have paid an initial deposit of $500 to get the best-fit expert team reserved just for them.

A waiting list is for startups who want to build their products but are not fully committed yet, but just want to explore Grupa. They pay no upfront fee.

What is the pricing model?

The compensation model between startups and expert teams is effective in three possible ways;

•  Cash only (starts at $10k)

•  Mix of Cash & Equity (starts at $7.5k + 0.125%)

•  Equity only (starts at 0.375%)

How does Grupa charge startups?

Grupa operates in a recurring subscription model depending on your preferred iteration plan with the expert team.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and Stripe.

Still have questions? Check the FAQs Page or email us at hello@grupa.io