How Grupa has helped this Fullstack Engineer grow his portfolio by $500k
Jun 25, 2022
Eliot* (Alias)
Senior Software L6 Engineer
Elliot* currently works with Meta while executing a per-time contract via Grupa.

The Challenge

To work per-time while having a full-time job in a different company has its complications and complexities. Sometimes, it’s worth the push, and other times it’s not. 

For Elliot, it’s a bit of both even though he has always maintained a personal side contracting company throughout his career offering direction;

“The challenge has always been to work with the best companies who’ll utilize my expertise the right way in building impactful products that will change the world.”

As an advocate of flexible work, he also finds interest in working with companies who indeed are all about the flexible work lifestyle i.e time zone difference or work time hours do not affect the work. His free time is his go time.

In search of companies providing worthy and feasible per-time work opportunities to engineering experts like himself, he stumbled upon Grupa: a marketplace for elite tech engineers to connect and work with startups backed by VCs while angel investing their free time.

To better understand the offerings, he went further to interact with the platform with the hope that it’ll provide the all-in-one service that he needs.

The Decision

Elliot conclusively decided to join the marketplace after thoroughly going through the Grupa platform. Grupa is building the future of work, and the opportunities provided were clearly in line with his needs and even more.

In a few weeks, he got matched with a startup in the crypto space named AFRIEX, which was harnessing the technology to facilitate fund transfers globally. After attending a meeting scheduled with the startup founders, he was excited and super pumped about the ride ahead and also majorly because there was clarity on everything he would need for efficient collaboration.

The transparency showed and consideration that he’d work on his own terms also influenced his final decision to join the Afriex team to build the blockchain money transfer platform.

Compensations in Equity and cash were also key deciding factors.

The Result

The experience he had with Grupa from the matching phase to the introduction with the startup, and contract execution was professional and pleasant.

This has led to a good relationship between him and the startup as the relationship has continued for several months;

“I am happy working with them on a product with tremendous upside! Yes, the compensation has been good both in cash and equity considerations despite being a startup.”

In a feeling of accomplishment, he is excited about the continuous collaboration with Afriex as his per-time work contribution has also led to a recent raise in $10m Series A round of funding for the startup to expand its transactions and exchange platform across Africa.

* Expert's name has been changed to protect their privacy